Workshop : Price & Procedure

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Our Procedures, Our Role, and Precautions:

Dear Friends,

We understands that if you are seeing this page then you are convinced in doing the business of Imports and Exports.

If you want you can ask the English translation directly from us.

प्रिय मित्रों

मैं समझता हूं कि अगर आप इस Page को देख रहे हैं तो आप इंपोर्ट एक्सपोर्ट करना चाहते हैं

तो इसमें मेरी सलाह यह है कि आप इन पूरी  वीडियो को देख लीजिए जितनी भी यूट्यूब पर अवेलेबल हैं और उसके बाद यदि आपका मन इंपोर्ट एक्सपोर्ट का बिजनेस में जाने का हो तो एगजैक्टली कैसे करना है , this know from us.

Actually we do not give you lectures on Imports and exports, but let you start the business, right away.

For Example , If you want to build a house, then you need an Architect, who also helps you in selecting the proper contractors for doing different jobs, and inspecting each and every inch regularly.

कोई छोटी सी भयानक गलती ना हो जाए सबसे अच्छा बिजनेस नुकसान दे ना हो जाए इसके लिए आप हमारे expert  मैनेजर उसकी टीम और हमारे विदेशों में बने एसोसिएट ऑफिस  की हेल्प ले सकते हैं

जैसे प्रॉपर्टी का एक बहुत अच्छा सौदा आपने कर दिया मगर पेपर्स में जरा सी गड़बड़ी हो गई तो आप प्रॉपर्टी से हाथ धो बैठेंगे

हर बिजनेस की तरह इसमें भी बड़े-बड़े फ्रॉड लोग बैठे हैं आपको किसी देश में सोना 50 परसेंट सस्ता मिल रहा है मगर आप डील सही नहीं कर पाए तो आप मूलधन भी गंवा बैठेंगे

इसी प्रकार तरीका मालूम होने से पांच परसेंट प्रॉफिट से भी आप महीने में 20 डील करके पैसा डबल कर सकते हैं

आपके पास कोई अच्छी आइटम अच्छा कंट्री , अच्छा विचार है तो हम उस विचार को प्रैक्टिकल कराएंगे

Workshop: Price and Procedures :

You might be intersted in knowing how much our help in starting the business costs you, and what you get in the return of your money.

 all of the following workshops are available in group workshop and individual workshops

Our help in starting in the business has four Stages, which are taught to you in four Stages :

 The Four Stages

stage one

1-  You are just new to Imports and Exports.   You want to know what is import and export ?

2. What are the benefits of this Business ?

 3 how it is basically done from scratch ?

4.  for what is the investment ?

5: how much land/  manpower required ?

6 how much training necessary ?

these all questions are answered in one session counseling,  which is around 1.5 hour + unlimited  query session .    this  workshop cost 5100

Stage two

Now you think you can do it.  so you want to know more about each topic in detail.  this workshop is three sessions in one day and

this workshop cost  you 11,000 inr .

 stage Three

 now you are well convince to do this business and you want to start it.  one manager is appointed with you and he monitors your each and every step.  This manager knows business very well.   he goes to foreign countries himself.   so he can guide you at each and every step.   you can start business with us with our help within one month.

For this individual counseling the fee is 50000 rupees  for every 3 months.

 stage 4 Full Package

1.  Now you are ready to do import and export business. now you want it in action.

2. We decide  item and country together then

3.  we appoint a special manager for mentor for you.  He monitors each and every step he goes physically with you to the foreign country for actual negotiating, loading and dispatch and payments.  He takes care of actual shipping and export documents .

Now the goods has arrived in India. Now his work is :

 1 he takes care of custom duty and import documents.

2. He do all the  bank formalities.

 3.  storage and actual selling of goods with profit which is already planned

4.  getting ready for next order next order.

 After a couple of transactions you can do the business yourself very good.  this full package is 4 to 5 lacs depending on item and country including all foreign travel. 

 thank you

 For Workshops in USA ,Total  separate fee structure would be there.

Rebates  : – If you put your comment here , then you get 25% discount.

any accompanying person will get 25 % rebate.

if want to go next level workshop , then you can go to next level and you will get 25 % rebate there also.

you will get free support for next 3 months after the workshops and just by 10 % you can be in touch with us for each quarter.

For programme details Contact Ms Bhawna Sharma Phone : 90131-03952

She will match your time with the workshop time and day and availability.

The Topics taken are :

Topics covered in workshop

  • Domestic Business good or  International Business good
  • What education needed for becoming an exporter or importer.
  • Basic requirements for opening a exim company
  • What type of company one should open ?
  • Basic Requirements for a import and export company .
  • How to take a Export Import Code No. EBA do it free.
  • Import company Better or export company, the difference
  • Selection of product for Export and Import
  • Selection of items for export and import
  • Selection of country for export and import
  • How to find buyers in other countries
  • How to find suppliers in other countries
  • Export promotion councils of Government of India
  • Free sampling to the Buyers in foreign country
  • Payment methods , da, dp cod LC Advance 
  • Pricing  FG, Fob , C n f , Cif
  • Advance Payment care to be taken
  • Due Diligence
  • Fema regulations and how to comply with them.
  • Documents required in Export and  imports
  • Pollution requirements
  • Form 9
  • Making Contract within Exporter and Importer
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Inspection certificate from International Accredited Agency
  • High Seas Sales of the shipments
  • Custom clearance from Indian ports
  • Participating in Trade fairs abroad
  • Letter of Credit
  • Credits in Exports
  • Business without Investment
  • Visa requirement for USA , China, Dubai and other countries
  • Green Card and Doing Business in USA
  • Open office abroad in USA , China, Dubai
  • How to get job in imports and exports
  • Special Focus on USA , China, Dubai
  • Business possibilities other then Imports and Exports
  • How you can go Public by Initial Public Offer for your company IPO
  • And all other Queries discussed in open session of Workshop
  • Every Participant Qualify for free Consultation for next 3 months, renewable.
  • You can call for details about Workshop charges, time and Rebates
  •  Bhwana SHARMA(programme Director)
  • Phone No. +91 9013103952