Workshops: different level

Workshops : different level 

  • One interactive session of about 1.5 hrs + question answers. it is basically a counseling session telling the scope, requirement , and the profitability, 6 easy steps to start it  :   with tea, snacks and study material                                                                                     = 5100
  • Three interactive sessions with all above and detailed actual problems and profits in the business  :  with tea, snacks lunch and study material                                          = 11000
  • 8 interactive sessions divided in two days, in a 5 star location in city with tea breaks, lunch and study material. This is a complete information after which you will be full confident of doing it. This is like a jump start to a new profitable business                                   =  25000

Full consultancy for real business, where our representative accompanies you to abroad also, stands with you while buying and selling, custom clearance , etc. cost you 1% of the real turnover + expenses and other terms and conditions will be explained to you on the basis of business and country you choose.                                               Any where from 4 to 5,00,000

 For Workshops in USA ,Total  separate fee structure would be there.

Rebates  : – in all the above workshops ,

any accompanying person will get 25 % rebate.

if want to go next level workshop , then you can go to next level and you will get 25 % rebate there also.

you will get free support for next 3 months after the workshops and just by 10 % you can be in touch with us for each quarter.

For programme details Contact Ms Bhawna Sharma Phone : 90131-03952

She will match your time with the workshop time and day and availability.

The Topics taken are :

Topics covered in workshop

  • Domestic Business good or  International Business good
  • What education needed for becoming an exporter or importer.
  • Basic requirements for opening a exim company
  • What type of company one should open ?
  • Basic Requirements for a import and export company .
  • How to take a Export Import Code No. EBA do it free.
  • Import company Better or export company, the difference
  • Selection of product for Export and Import
  • Selection of items for export and import
  • Selection of country for export and import
  • How to find buyers in other countries
  • How to find suppliers in other countries
  • Export promotion councils of Government of India
  • Free sampling to the Buyers in foreign country
  • Payment methods , da, dp cod LC Advance 
  • Pricing  FG, Fob , C n f , Cif
  • Advance Payment care to be taken
  • Due Diligence
  • Fema regulations and how to comply with them.
  • Documents required in Export and  imports
  • Pollution requirements
  • Form 9
  • Making Contract within Exporter and Importer
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Inspection certificate from International Accredited Agency
  • High Seas Sales of the shipments
  • Custom clearance from Indian ports
  • Participating in Trade fairs abroad
  • Letter of Credit
  • Credits in Exports
  • Business without Investment
  • Visa requirement for USA , China, Dubai and other countries
  • Green Card and Doing Business in USA
  • Open office abroad in USA , China, Dubai
  • How to get job in imports and exports
  • Special Focus on USA , China, Dubai
  • Business possibilities other then Imports and Exports
  • How you can go Public by Initial Public Offer for your company IPO
  • And all other Queries discussed in open session of Workshop
  • Every Participant Qualify for free Consultation for next 3 months, renewable.
  • You can call for details about Workshop charges, time and Rebates
  •  Bhwana SHARMA(programme Director)
  • Phone No. +91 9013103952