How to do Import. Vid no 4 of 8. Import Export Business videos by Ashok Gupta kinkar. इंपोर्ट कैसे


    • thanks a lot.
      thanks a lot for your encouraging comments.
      i am very new to this website thing.
      i would like you to guide me . but my typing is very slow due to my age
      so kindly we speak on watsapp or phone.
      my watsapp no. is +91 9810890743
      ashok gupta kinkar

    • admin

      thanks Madhulika ji,
      thanks for your interet in import business.
      Import is comparitively very easy, if learned from a experienced person who actually do it , and not from a good speaker you tube presenter.
      But before doing it you should take at least a entery level workshop, and know all the benifits and your capacity to do it.
      i hope you will not regret that you missed a fairly easy business, where there is a very good percentage of return on investment.
      Business can be started from 20-25 lakh, but initial investment is around 5100 inr, which is your entry level fee of workshop.
      feel free to call me anytime directly on my phone no. 9810890743 in delhi.
      ashok gupta kinkar

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